Tally provides an option for businesses to access Tally Prime from anywhere

It is a collaborative solution powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing a option for businesses to access TallyPrime from anywhere. In simple words, with the help of this solution, can remotely access TallyPrime installed on a virtual machine. To elaborate, now users can access TallyPrime running on a remote machine, let says installed on the cloud using a client application, no matter where user are.

Benefits of TallyPrime on Cloud

  • While travelling or when user are meeting with clients, can use this secure solution to access TallyPrime from anywhere

  • You will have the flexibility of working on the same data collaboratively with other users

  • Can seamlessly upload existing data to a virtual cloud environment and continue to use the same

  • Highly cost-effective solution to access TallyPrime remotely with complete flexibility to choose the plans that work best for the business.

  • In Tally and AWS, have the technology leaders in their respective spaces (business software and cloud platforms). Therefore, it is highly reliable.

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