How to add file to root of wix site ?

Its is required to verify the site for may purposes by uploading the file to root of the site. It is not possible to upload file to root on wix site. We can add only ads.txt file from Marketing Integration at Site Dashboard. It is impossible to upload any other file to root for example Now we have an alterative solution for this. Please not that only document type file can be uploaded.

  1.  Create a Wix collection with any name and add rows as title field and document field. After creating collection upload the required document and provide any name in title field.
  2. Then go to Wix Editor and create a new blank page and hide from menu. Now add a repeater to the page. Add a text and download button to the repeater item. 
  3. Add a dataset and connect the text to dataset title and download button to file field.
  4. Publish the site.
  5. Go to the published site and click download button. It will download the file.
  6. If the download was successful, right click on download button and click Copy link address.
  7. Go to site dashboard and search for "URL Redirector" and open URL Redirector page.
  8. On old URL field enter the actual verification URL ( and new URL field past the copied downlead button location. Click save. 
  9. Now check the verification URL on any bowser. It will take to the file.
  10. All Done.


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