WhatsApp : Polls and sharing with captions

New updates to Polls

WhatsApp is introducing three new updates for polls to help groups gather info and make decisions together.
  • Create single-vote polls: For when user need a definitive answer, WhatsApp is introducing the option for poll creators to allow people to vote only once. Simply turn off ‘allow multiple answers' when creating a poll.
  • Search for polls in your chats: It’s not always possible to answer a poll immediately, and it can be difficult to find a poll within the chat at a later time. Now, user can filter messages by polls, just like user can for photos, videos or links. On the ‘Chats’ screen, press ‘Search’ and then ‘Polls’ to find a list of all results.
  • Stay updated on poll results: User will now receive notifications when people vote on polls, so user can easily keep up to date on responses.

Forwarding with Captions

Sharing photos on WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways of keeping friends and family updated on life, and the ability to forward media means user can quickly reshare images from one group of connections to another. But sometimes user might not have time to add context before someone responds.

Now when user forward media that has a caption, have the option to keep, delete or completely rewrite it to give extra information when sharing photos between chats. User can also add a caption to photos and videos when you forward them.

Sharing Documents with Captions

Just like when sharing images or videos, the documents user share may require a little explanation. Whether it’s when sending a newspaper article or a work document, now user have the option to add a caption before sharing.

These updates have started rolling out to users globally


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